Image result for cdtiIn the council of April 2018 the CDTI has introduced a series of improvements in the Innovation Hotline. On the one hand a non-reimbursable tranche of 2% of the loan is incorporated if it is financed by CDTI, reaching up to 5% (over 75% of the budget) if the project is financed jointly with ERDF. It also increases the percentage of the advance, being able to obtain the company in a general way up to 35% (before 25%) of the loan and a limit of 400,000 € (before 300,000 €).

We remind you that this is an aid subject to the de minimis regime and that it finances 75% of the budget (reaching 85% if it is co-financed with FEDER), with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of companies by incorporating new emerging technologies in the sector. These projects must have an applied nature, very close to the market, with medium / low technological risk and short periods of investment recovery.